Fireshow 2015

The 2015 Sticklepath Fireshow
was cancelled
and the Fireshow looks in permanent danger of folding after a meeting held to save its future did not bring forward as many volunteers as hoped.

The Fireshow, a community event that has been entertaining crowds for more than 30 years, may have to disband if we cannot find new committee members and supporters to take it forward.

After a lack of support at the annual meeting last month, a unanimous decision was made by the committee that unless four new full committee members, including a chair, secretary and treasurer, and more supporters were found to undertake key roles in the show’s organisation, there would be no option but for the charity to be formally closed and the Fireshow event and associated arts and crafts activities in the community cease to take place.

The meeting did allow a new committee to be formed, but key roles were not filled and so this year’s fireshow event is definitely off.

The summer craft workshop held in South Zeal for children during the summer holidays will go ahead this year but unless more committee members can be recruited the future looks bleak for the Fireshow.

The future of the show has been threatened before, after the 2013 event was cancelled after a year of difficult preparations.

Hilary Gillespie, outgoing artistic director for the Fireshow, said: 'The meeting did not go brilliantly.

'We have got a committee together of sorts but not enough to do the Fireshow. We are missing key roles like the wood collector and safety officer that are so important to the running of the event.

'Our funds are down too, having made a loss last year so we also need to sort out fundraising.

'We have decided that we will keep the summer craft workshop for children in August going.

'We want to keep those skills alive and hope plenty of children turn up for the event.

'It is a bit late in the year to start the organising of the Fireshow as there is so much to get done.

'So we are on a quest to start fundraising and recruit people to hopefully get the Fireshow going again next year.

'To get the event to 30 years it would then be very sad to see it disappear.

'The longer it goes on without the Fireshow being put on, it makes me worry for its future.

'We need fresh ideas and younger people to take on the mantle. But people are so busy these days we will just have to wait and see.'

Anyone with suggestions on how the Fireshow could change and evolve are encouraged to e-mail sticklepathfireshow@yahoo.co.uk