Summer Quiz 2017 - Results and answers

Summer Quiz 2017

A big thank you to everyone who bought or sold quiz sheets this year.

You raised £634!

The podium finishers were:

First - A Hiles with a score of 91
Second - G Palmer with 90
Third - G Dale who was picked at random from 3 quizzers scoring 88

Here are the answers we were looking for
Round 1 - Mouth Parts
e.g. A river has one - Mouth
1 Half a diameter Radius
2 An illegal cigarette Joint
3 A table of contents in a book Index
4 To pry Nose
5 One part of a sports contest Leg
6 Like one of those scouse girls Liver
7 Potatoes have these Eyes
8 The rainbow Iris
9 A red variety of runner bean Kidney
10 Babies suck theirs Thumb

Round 2 - They are all Kings
e.g. McDonald's rivals - Burger King
1 Master of supernatural stories Stephen King
2 New England Indians join to fight white invasion King Philip's War
3 Nee Miss Moffitt Billie Jean King
4 The Last King of Egypt King Faud II, infant son of Farouk
5 The world's largest venomous snake King Cobra
6 Group sounding like monarchs of a French city Kings of Leon
7 Husband of Coretta Scott Martin Luther Kink Jr
8 1991 Robin Williams film The Fisher King
9 Aida's father King of Ethiopia or The Nubian King Amonasro
10 Part of the Peer Gynt suite by Edvard Grieg In The Hall of the Mountain King

Round 3 - Phrases or sayings
e.g. MHWTSS - Make hay while the sun shines
1 HIWTHI Home is where the heart is
2 TABBIC Tell A Book By Its Cover
3 SFY Speak for yourself
4 TBOOT To blow ones own trumpet
5 GMACUHISAIWGYTM Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man
6 LSDL Let sleeping dogs lie
7 MPTYE More power to your elbow
8 TMFOR That's money for old rope
9 BAL By and large or break a leg
10 AEHIHC An Englishman's home is his castle

Round 4 - Cryptic kitchen equipment
e.g. Done to produce kindling - Chopsticks
1 It sounds like a bloom that will clear waterways Flour dredger
2 Voiced hesitation after the raising of glasses Toaster
3 We hear it's much bigger after a dairy product Cheese grater
4 A famous alien will follow adroitness Skillet
5 To drive home after what would kill Count Dracula Steak Hammer
6 A small-tailed amphibian closely related to the newt Salamander
7 One who walks with affected delicateness Mincer
8 Used to ward off evil by the fourth estate Garlic press
9 The pages it confused without effort first results in kissing and cuddling Spaghetti spoon
10 A trivial quarrel that sounds like you take a note Spatula

Round 5 - Words ending in ist
e.g. A maker of clocks - Horologist
1 Having a life devoted to pleasure seeking Hedonist
2 A believer in the literal truth of scripture Fundamentalist
3 One practising the art of prize fighting Pugilist
4 Someone who tries to benefit mankind Philanthropist
5 A rope walker or dancer Funambulist
6 The writer of a short tale; sometimes feeble; trite and sentimental Novelettist
7 A believer in nothingness Nihilist
8 One who advocates the practicle course Pragmatist
9 A habitual criminal Recidivist
10 A person who wants a society without government Anarchist

Round 6 - Anagrams - Countries
e.g. Gad mascara - Madagascar
1 True man knits Turkmenistan
2 A tame gal u Guatemala
3 A wee pun up again Papua New Guinea
4 Slander then Netherlands
5 Odd to brand it again Trinidad and Tobago
6 Monica in pride club Dominican Republic
7 I cant test a cavity Vatican City State
8 Sh bad angel Bangladesh
9 I berate maud in tears United Arab Emirates
10 Salad lover El Salvador

Round 7 - What Links
e.g. Charon; Nix; Hydra; Kerberos; Styx - Moons of Pluto
1 Sheffield; Istanbul; Rome; Edinburgh All said to have been built on seven hills
2 Ross; Shaw; Lawrence Names used by TE Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia
3 Buffy Summers; Jon Snow; Kenny McCormick; Bobby Ewing Resurrected TV characters - Buffy the Vampite Slayer; Game of Thrones; South Park; Dallas
4 Tod; Reynard; Fennec Different names for the fox
5 Broad white collar; Close cut women's haircut; Strawberries, meringue and cream Eton - Eton Collar; Eton Crop; Eton Mess
6 Vienna; Budapest; Belgrade Capital cities on the river Danube
7 TR19 7AA and KW1 4YR Postcodes for Land's End and John O'Groats
8 Magna Carta; D'Oyly Carte; Swan; Eel Pie; Pharaoh's; Corporation Islands in the river Thames
9 Tom Dacre; Tom; Bert Chimney sweeps - Song of Innocence; The Water Babies; Mary Poppins
10 Blake; Dinkley;Jones; Rogers Surnames of Scooby Doo characters - Daphne; Velma; Fred; Shaggy

Round 8 - Ways of walking
e.g. One without a settled home - Tramp
1 Expectant fathers do this Pace
2 Part of a tyre that touches the ground Tread
3 A rung of a ladder Step
4 To walk like a duck Waddle
5 The stem of a plant Stalk
6 To mix randomly Shuffle
7 Beatified bread Stroll
8 To walk with an air of superiority Swagger
9 An esplanade Promenade
10 To support as a prop Strut

Round 9 - Missing links
e.g. Cow _____ friend - boy
1 Free _____ clamp wheel
2 Tops _____ field oil
3 Parking _____ leaf bay
4 May _____ line hem
5 Charge _____ rail hand
6 Kick _____ spring off
7 Last _____ dog lap
8 Chick _____ nut pea
9 Wrapping _____ chains paper
10 Driverless _____ car boy

Round 10 - Picture Round | Name that tune
1 I will always love you
2 Stairway to Heaven
3 I Heard it Through the Grapevine
4 Back to Black
5 London Calling
6 The Eton Rifles
7 Light My Fire
8 Tears of a Clown
9 Jumping Jack Flash
10 Midnight at the Oasis