What do we do?

We promote the arts in and around Devon, primarily by running workshops where members of the public can work alongside arts professionals to create their own works of art. This can be as individuals or in groups. Usually we stage events open to the public at the end of each set of workshops to provide the participants the chance to display their work.


We need to rediscover Tom Pearce’s Grey Mare to learn what we can from her, and to ensure that there is good fortune and harmony for the coming year. But where is she?

Children will help us if they gather with their carers at Surgery Cottage, by the bridle path next to the bridge in Sticklepath. They will need to be there at 6pm, to be joined by musicians and stewards who will help their search through the village. Who else might appear? Well, some fellows owe the Grey Mare quite a bit from way back then, and will be there to make amends.

Certain doors will be knocked on to enquire where the Mare may be - and Halloween gifts will be exchanged. All being well, the Mare will be found and will lead a procession back to the bridle path before disappearing back to the moor for another year. Later on performances will continue in the Taw River [Synchronized swimming?;] and then the Devonshire Inn for adults to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Car parking will be arranged.

If you would like to know more, or would like to be involved as a musician, actor, steward or in another way contact: mail@fireshowstuff.org.uk or derekmoore60@hotmail.com or just come along at Halloween and be amazed!

Crafty Capers 2017

Summer Quiz 2017

A big thank you to everyone who bought or sold quiz sheets this year.

You raised £634!

The podium finishers were:

First - A Hiles with a score of 91
Second - G Palmer with 90
Third - G Dale who was picked at random from 3 quizzers scoring 88

Click here to see the answers we were looking for.