Crafty Capers 2017

Crafty Capers 2017

Crafty Capers at South Zeal Carnival

Here's a few images from Crafty Capers 2017

This year Fireshow's Crafty Capers week of craft workshops will take place during half-term in October, leading up to the Carnival. From the 23rd to the 27th the Victory Hall will be full of things to make and do. Families could create carnival costumes or a Halloween outfit, decorate a 2D puppet or weave a fabric collage. Learn to knit or use a sewing machine, paint, stick and of course construct fantastic things from withy and paper.

Workshops are open to younger children accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children aged 10 or older may be booked in to take part without a parent or guardian present.

Crafty Capers 2016 - A success!

36 children came and made things with their parents, childminders or volunteers.

The busiest session was Friday morning with a whopping 24 kids, 7 parents and 4 volunteers.

We always had at least 4 volunteers/workshop leaders.

The children came from 8 different villages or towns.  The age range was 8 months to 16 years.

The finale show was well attended - a rough head count was around 30 in the audience, plus judges(3), team(5) and 16 performers.

All this without accident or injury!  Well done to all.