Cast and Crew 2014

Quarks & Sparks – The Cast List
Joanne Parker-Groom
Narrator | Baby Quark | Sparticle | Dunno
Jim Causley
Guy Fawkes
Jane Hawkins
Bryony Cox | Robot | Sparticle | Dunno
Annie Clarke
Bosun Higgs | Sparticle | Dunno
Guy Fawkes
Carly Warren
Charm Quark
Elsa Frangleton
Patrick Beacom
Bottom Quark
Beth Frangleton
Katharine West
Strange Quark
Lucy Watson
Bosun Higgs
Jessica Tizard
Muon Pa
Chloe Yeoman
Eloise Tizard
Ma Muon
Laura Bazeley
Sky Wise
Baby Muon
Ruth Frangleton
Minion W+ Boson
Izaak Tizard
Lepton – Yellow
Emily Rowlands
Minion Z Boson
Lachie Mills
Lepton – Blue
Emilia Bazeley
Izzy Rowlands
Lepton – Pink
Ricki-Lee Jones
Hayley Andrew
Ella-May Jevons
Rachael Norley
String Quartet
Crew Members
Quarks & Sparks – The Crew

Two Tigers, Tavistock

Set Constructor
Joe Gillespie

Build Crew
Neil Rowlands | Bev Hilton | Mike Johns | Pete Furini | Dave Locke
Ross Causley | San Diego Mark | Eddie Kingdom | Colin Carter | Jane Hawkins
Annie Clarke | Sarah Miller | Hugo Cowley | Janice Goodwin

Set painting and other artwork
Steve Tyler

Workshop Leader
Hilary Gillespie

Wardrobe Mistress
Christine Crawford

Workshop Crew
Jo Hilton | Julia Woodman | Monica Jones | Janice Goodwin
Chrissie Hughes | Carol Johns | Angela Phillips | Lois Rowlands
Pam Wheeler | Ann Rossiter-Stead | Mike and Helen Parker-Bray
and everyone in the cast

Lighting and Power
Ellie Bookham | Hugo Cowley | Sarah Miller | dB Production Services Ltd

PA and Sound Crew
Planet Audio | Alan Smithee

Safety Officer: Vix Jevons | Chief Marshal: Tony Clark

Stage Crew
Janice Goodwin | Bev Hilton | Jo Hilton | Monica Jones
Neil Rowlands | Lois Rowlands | Paul Reddaway