About Us

"It's that feeling of taking part in something very special. All ages and abilities working together to create a spectacle for others to enjoy. A truly great sense of community spirit at it's best."


The Sticklepath Fireshow is a community event supported by people from local villages but mainly from Sticklepath and South Zeal.

Like so many good ideas, it started small and grew over the years. The Wren Trust originally planned Fireshow as their first big community event, and with support from local people, organised it over the first 6 years. The show carried on from there and came to be a locally run not-for-profit organisation with the aim of maintaining a self-sustaining community initiative.

A Committee of volunteers organises all activities required for the effective and safe running of Fireshow. They also ensure the Fireshow objectives are maintained in everything that they do:

  • To advance the arts for the public benefit, in particular, but not exclusively, by the provision of workshops enabling the public to learn about different aspects of the arts and work alongside arts professionals, and to offer the community to display their work at events open to the public wherever possible.

Since 2011 Sticklepath Fireshow has been registered with the Charity Commission (Registered charity no 1150239).

Annual General Meeting

The Fireshow's AGM is held every March. Meetings are held monthly from March until August, and from September onwards there are more frequent meetings to coordinate the final preparations for the show.

Anyone is very welcome to put themselves forward for election onto the Committee.  As well as attending monthly meetings, all Committee members participate fully in all aspects of the work of the Committee throughout the year. Additional work is varied but great fun!

How it all started

Sticklepath Sports Club had been holding an annual bonfire night event on Foundry Field until one year Pete Hardy, a member of Sports Club, met a gentleman by the name of Tony Lewery in a local hostelry.

Tony was in the area doing some work with The Wren Music Trust, and had helped other communities around the country set up Fireshowesque events. Seeing that Sticklepath was an active village he floated the idea past Pete, who in turn suggested it to Sports Club.

The idea was loved by all and planning soon started on the first show. In order to show the community how to put on such an event, the Wren Trust & Tony worked with Sports Club to raise the necessary money and started holding community workshops, amongst others South Zeal & District Youth Club.

The story for the first show was based around Widecombe Fair because Sticklepath was where Uncle Tom Cobley and all set out on their famous ride onto Dartmoor!

For the first few years Wren Music continued to collaborate with Sports Club, the Youth Club and various other professional artists and musicians to ensure Fireshow became established on the calendar and that the community were left with the knowledge to carry on their own.

After Wren's involvement finished Sports Club took forward the event for a while longer, before Fireshow became too big, when an independent committee was established to continue organising it to this day.